YouTube : The Kid Who Returned $20

Lt Colonel Frank is staying in the base campus of National Guard, Toledo, Ohio, USA. One day, he felt something he had never felt earlier. It was incredible to be recognized in such a manner.

What happened was happened when he entered the restaurant for an early lunch.

From the security camera, the records show that Colonel Frank had entered the restaurant followed by Myles Eckart with family. Eckart was excited as had just found a $ 20 bill in the parking lot. First reaction was that he would buy a video game but immediately changed his mind. He saw a soldier had just preceded his family. Obviously, this bill belonged to a soldier in uniform who looked like his own Father. He left the $ 20 bill in the same place and wrote a note.

Dear Soldier,

My father was a soldier; he is in heaven now. I found this $ 20 in the parking lot, when we got here. We like to pay it forward in my family. It is your lucky day. Thank you for your service,

– signed – Miles Eckart – a gold star kid.

Myles later on said that he (Miles) lost his father five weeks before his birth, in the war, in Iraq. He had thought of his Father and keeps enquiring about his stories from his Mother.

Lt Colonel felt that the kid inspired, he said,
” The kid gave me a lifetime time message that is to give, others as his Father and the child himself” He believes that Myles will be the inspiration for the nation and especially for a young person.
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