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electric toothbrush10 DIY Homemade Pregnancy Tests recommended by doctors

Pregnancy is the most memorable period of any woman's life. Getting pregnant and giving birth to a baby is a biological process and most of the women at some point in their life give birth to a baby. Still having a baby and becoming a mother makes a woman an achiever in her own eye. The news of the pregnancy is welcomed with excitement and a big smile by each and every family member.

If you are planning a baby and have missed your due periods you must be filled with hopes.  However, there are also some cases where a woman is not ready for a baby, but by mistake had an unsafe sex. If she misses her periods she is haunted by the fear that she has conceived. This leads to stress and disturbs the balance of her life.

In both the cases, you must be willing to confirm the pregnancy as soon as possible to decide whether to terminate pregnancy or to bring a new life in this world.

There are certain medical procedure to confirm the pregnancy. Also, there are pregnancy kits available in the market  to check pregnancy at home with a urine sample.   But for this, either you have to wait to bring a pregnancy kit or to meet with your doctor.

So are there any  alternative?

Yes, there are unique homemade pregnancy tests that you can try at home to check whether you are pregnant or not before rushing to your gynecologists.

Below in this article, I will introduce you to 10 amazingly DIY and easy homemade pregnancy tests that give accurate results in 98 percent of the cases.

 10 best homemade pregnancy tests

1. Sugar test - This is one of the most reliable homemade pregnancy tests that works and gives an accurate result. Also, sugar is easily available in everyone's kitchen. Thia is a very old method to detect pregnancy and was also used in times when there were no pregnancy testers sold in pharmaceutical shops.

Things required

There is only one ingredient required to conduct this test and that is 3 teaspoons of sugar. Do not use sugar cubes for this purpose. You will also require a clean container to collect the urine and a clean bowl to conduct the test.

What to do

Collect the morning urine sample in a clean container. Take another clean bowl. Pour 1 tablespoons sugar in it. Now pour approximately 1 tablespoon urine in the bowl containing sugar. Wait for some time. If clumps of sugar are  formed the test is positive as hCG won't let the sugar dissolve. If sugar dissolves test is negative.

It is better if you try this homemade pregnancy test from the first morning urine. The accuracy of this test is 98 percent. However, it is always better to try a few more tests to verify the results.

2. Bleach test - This is a very common and inexpensive homemade pregnancy test which usually gives accurate results. It is a dependable method that gives you the result in just 10 minutes.

Things required

You just need a cup of bleach. Also, you need a clean container to collect the urine sample.

What to do

Take 2 tablespoons of bleach in a bowl and add approximately 2 tablespoons of morning urine to it. If it forms a foam and almost overflows, it confirms that you are pregnant.

However, while performing this test you need to take certain precautions. First, perform this test in an open place. Preferably collect the fresh urine and then move to an open place before adding it to the bleach. This will protect you from toxic fumes that are released and may cause suffocation.  If you conduct this test in a closed place such as bathroom it becomes stuffy to breathe. Also, wear a glove  for safety purpose. Some people think that as urine contains ammonia, it may be dangerous to mix it with bleach, but let me clear that as the ammonia present in the urine is highly diluted it hardly has any reaction with bleach.

3. Dandelion leaves test-  It is an early pregnancy test that gives quick results. Also, it is very easy to conduct.  But before doing this test, drink lots of water so that your bladder is full.

Things required

Collect 2 cups dandelion leaves.  Also, you will need a container to keep these leaves.

What to do

Collect dandelion leaves from the dandelion plants that are grown in the shade. Also, after gathering protect the leaves from direct sunlight as it may affect the result. Keep the leaves in a container and pass urine on the leaves to soak the leaves properly. Wait for 10 minutes. If red bumps or blisters appear on leaves it means that you are pregnant. The absence of red blisters indicated a negative result.

4. Tuna juice and vinegar test - You can make your own homemade pregnancy test with the help of tuna juice and vinegar. The reliability of this test is usually compared with the results of pregnancy tester. It is an easy and quick homemade pregnancy test that gives accurate results.

Things required:

Besides this, you need a bowl to carry the test.

What to do

Take one-fourth cup of tuna juice and one-fourth cup of vinegar in a bowl. Mix the ingredients. Pour approximately a one-fourth cup of urine to it. Wait for a few minutes. If the color changes  and the mixture gives a greenish tinge you are pregnant, but if it gives a yellow-orange hue the test is negative.

5. Urine itself- Urine itself is a pregnancy tester. But for this, you have to wait for 24 hours. Curious performers need to have patience while conducting this test. This method takes time, but gives accurate results. Also, it is one of the easiest  a free homemade pregnancy tests. You do not require any additional ingredients for this except your urine and a bottle to collect it.

What to do

Collect your urine in a bottle making sure that the surface on which the bottle in resting is flat. Wait for 24 hours. During this period do not shake or touch the bottle. After 24 hours if a thin white layer is formed on the surface of the urine it is an indication that you are pregnant and soon going to be a mother.

6. White vinegar test – Again, this is also an easy test that requires only one ingredient and that is vinegar which is easily available in everyone's kitchen.  But use vinegar that is not expired. On taking necessary precaution the test is completely safe and there is no adverse reaction of urine and vinegar. This test gives amazingly accurate tests.

Things required

You just need a half cup vinegar  and a clean bowl to conduct this test.

What to do

Take half cup white vinegar in a bowl. Now add approximately a half cup of morning urine to it. If you are pregnant the color will change due to the presence of the hCG hormone. If the color does not change the test is negative.

7. Pine Sol test - This is an easy homemade pregnancy test that costs you almost nothing.  Pine Sol is a house cleaning agent. It contains pine oil. The pine Sol solution is very commonly found in most of the homes for cleaning and other purposes.

Things needed

1 cup pine Sol and a bowl

What to do

Pour a cup of pine Sol in a bowl. Add urine to it and wait for the reaction. If the color of the pine Sol does not change the test is negative. If the color of pine Sol changes you have a good news.

8. Mustard powder pregnancy test
This test needs a time of at least 2 days before indicating the result. So you need to have patience. However, it is a simple test that you can conduct while taking bath.

Things required

You just require one bowl of mustard powder. But to conduct this test you need to have a bathtub in your bathroom.

What to do

Fill the bathtub with water and add a bowl of mustard powder to it.  Using your hand, mix the powder thoroughly and evenly in the water. Now soak yourself in it for about 45 minutes. After performing this test you will have to wait for 2 days to get a result. Even after 2 days you do not get your periods, you may be pregnant but if you are not pregnant most probably your periods will start.

9. Latch pregnancy test - It is one of the oldest homemade pregnancy tests with accurate results.

Things required

You need one latch and a container to conduct this test. A latch is a metal bar that has a lever and a catch and is used to fasten the gates or doors.

What to do

Take latch and keep it in a container. Pass urine in the container and wait for 3 hours. After 3 hours take the latch off. If you see the impression of the  latch at the container’s base you have a positive news to share with your spouse, friends, and relatives.

10. Wine DIY pregnancy homemade test

Again, this is one of the most reliable ways to test pregnancy. It has been used since ancient times to check pregnancy.

Things required

Half cup of urine sample and a half cup wine along with a container.

What to do

Mix both urine and the wine in a container. Leave them for 10 minutes. Do not shake or disturb the mixture. If the color changes it confirms that you are pregnant.

11. Salt test - Home made pregnancy test with salt is one of the effective ways  to confirm pregnancy at home.

What to do:

12. Soap test - This test identifies the presence of HCG hormone in the urine. With soap water you can make your own pregnancy test at home.

What to do:

13. Shampoo test - Home made pregnancy test with shampoo is same as the test with soap.

What to do

14. Toothpaste test - To carry out this test you need white plian tooth paste. Do not use colored or gel tooth paste.

What to do:

15. Red cabbage test - If you think you are pregnant then confirm it with red cabbage if it’s a girl or a boy.

What to do:

These homemade pregnancy tests are based on the examination of the presence of hCG hormone level in the urine, which is generated by a pregnant woman's body to make the placenta. This hCG hormone reacts to the ingredients used to conduct the home made pregnancy test.

You must be concerned about the scientific evidence regarding these tests. No doubt there are not mush scientific studies conducted on these tests, but The effectiveness of DIY homemade pregnancy tests has been tested by lots of women. They have been used to confirm pregnancy since the time there was no pregnancy tester sold in the medical shops.

One of the common question bubbling in your mind after reading article must be when to take a pregnanacy test.

When to take a pregnanacy test

To get accurate results, conduct the homemade pregnancy tests on any days after the first day of your missed periods. As discussed above the result of the tests depends on the amount of hCG in your urine and so may not show a positive result during the early days of the pregnancy.

So, it is posiible that even if you have concieved, for first few days after missed periods, the home made pregnancy test may not give you a positive result. This may happen as a result of low level of hCG hormone in urine. But as the pregnanacy progresses the amount of hCG hormone increases in urine you will get a positive test. Better repeat the test after a week  if you do not get your periods.

Precautions you need to take while conducting the home made pregnancy test

Along with the home made pregnancy test I will also advise you to watch for the natural signs of the pregnancy.

The above-mentioned homemade pregnancy tests are to some extent reliable, under your budget, dependent, safe and require only simple ingredients that are easily available. So before raising  your hopes, celebrating or unnecessary stressing yourself, try them before taking any other medical test. Pregnancy homemade tests are an important part of pregnancy, but 100 percent accuracy is not a guarantee. There may be variations in the result as it depends on the materials used, environment and other conditions that may affect the test. So do not just depend on them and visit your gynecologist to be 100 percent sure.

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Written by Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta on April 04, 2017 in Health

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