You Can See Glaciers in Alaska.

The state of Alaska, USA is known for the land of glaciers. In the southeastern part of the state area of about 3.3million acres is covered with thousands of melting glaciers.

There is nothing abnormal about this phenomenon because the melting goes on in every year. There is the Bay National Park. Lots of tourists are reaching the office to book and see the area. They keep flocking the headquarter for kayaking and other exciting, adventurous trips of the sea.

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Photo source: Dainik Bhaskar

These trips maybe taken aboard the National Geographic ferries named National Geographic Sea Bird and National Geographic Sea Lion. The trip is well planned and executed with total comfort. One can see the amazingly beautiful and live beauty from start till the very end.

There is much to experience and see the unbelievable sea life of dolphins, sea lions, humpback whales, sea otters and flying fish. The flying fish experience is unusual as you see bands of fish jutting out of the waters ahead of the ferry. They fly at an excellent speed of up to 100 knots and jump to safety about 50 to 90 meters away and dive back into the sea.

Incredible icebergs will amaze you as a significant portion is far below. There is a chance you may experience the glacier with a mighty fall into the sea. Experience of waterfalls and lush green forests will remain in your memories for a long time. You can kayak around and see early morning mist at sea. Heritage of Indians is another interesting part to see and feel Alaska’s local people from a Tlingit cultural interpreter.

There is much to experience and remember because of long days starting by 4 am and well into late evening up to 11 pm.


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