Debate on Hitler’s Secret Photographs


Hitler used to practice his speeches prior to their delivery and he would prepare by adopting  war like postures and it is believed tat Germans were inspired

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Photos: Dainik Bhaskar

The photographs reached the people this way:

Heinrich Hoffmann took thousand of Hitler’s photos. Downtown Tumbler says the photographs ran into two million. A significant discussion took place secretly, whether the shots were real or not. Heinrich Hoffman was always with Hitler in person. Heinrich, once arrested, after the war, was sent to prison for four years by the American military. His collection of photographs were confiscated and sent to the National Archives. After that they were made public.

The reports on Heinrich have come into the discussion.

Downtown Camera has written an essay on Heinrich and attached the secret photo series. As soon as their publication came to open, many websites shared them with public, and the photos went viral over the net.

Hitler had ordered to burn the Photos. Hitler on seeing the negatives had ordered to burn them. Heinrich had hidden them in safe custody, they were confiscated, but later they became public.

Only Heinrich was authorized to take Hitler’s photos.

Heinrich Hoffman (1885-1957) had joined the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party in 1920. Within a few days, he was appointed as the Official photographer. Heinrich had taken shots of Hitler on second August 1914 while Hitler had declared the first world war in a crowded gathering. The authenticity of Photos was a topic of controversy, but this photograph was used in party forums.

When Hitler became the Chancellor, Heinrich got the right to take photos. His photographs were used for postage stamps, postcards and the posters. He became a celebrity in the world, known for taking shots of the Fuhrer. He wrote many books that were controversial. His famous book ‘ Hitler Nobody Knows’ was much in the limelight. He had disclosed in his Book that Hitler was his friend. There is a huge collection of Fuhrer shots in the Bavarian State Library under Heinrich ‘s name.


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