One of the Largest plane is Antonov Mriya

During the Soviet Union era, Ukraine had made a jetliner called Antonov Mriya AN-125, world’s largest plane, is still in service. The word Mriya means ‘dream.’ The later versions are numbered Antonov-225

There are six turbo engines fitted to its wings to lift 640 tons at the take off and landing. Comparatively, the biggest commercial passenger jet can carry 581.7 tons of weight.

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It has 32 wheels fitted with gear so that it may turnaround on 200 feet wide runway. One may say that it is very expensive to maintain and operate this aircraft, but it depends on the precepts that how, where and why it may be used. It costs $ 1.9 million to transport it from Denmark to Tajikistan a distance of 5275 kilometres.

In August 2009, a large gas turbine generator measuring 53.2 feet by 14 feet weighing 189 tons got shipped from China to Denmark.. At another time in June 2010, two turbines (generators), 42 meters in length were exported from China to Denmark.

Available on hire, it is often chartered to various parties. Records have the prominent names of the NATO and the UNO. The jetliner was readied in 1988. The chief reason for its design was to transport the space crafts parts from one to another place quickly.

The plane was extensively used to transport relief supplies during the crises in the Middle East to the Coalition forces. The US military used its services to ship ready meals in Oman for the US forces. The plane has been in service ever since its commissioning in 1988. In the last year, the Soviet Era air projects have been revived, and the Antonov A-225 will be deployed.

All in all, this craft is setting an example for others to follow.


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