Fiat Built a Testing Track on the Roof of its Five Story Headquarters

Fiat is well known car company. In 1920, it had 80-% share of the car business in Italy. During the peak of the first-world war, it had constructed its headquarters (Lingotto factory) in Turin, Italy. Lingotto is a district and a city in Italy. A Testing track was built on the rooftop to save time for its engineers.The building was built between 1916 too 1923. Similar vehicle testing centers exist in Argentina, Belgium. The safety standards are followed perfectly.


Source: Wikipedia

The company had innovation of building a test track right at its headquarters. The building was the second largest building in the world and first in Europe. The building was a symbol of pride for the Italians for their skill and the entrepreneurship.
Built on the most modern technique of those times, the testing track areas was ten million square feet on the roof of a five-story building.
At that time, the idea of providing testing track was the first of its kind anywhere in the world. The sole aim to provide such a facility was to ensure that works carried out in the five stories were to the entire satisfaction of the engineers. Each of the car tests were conducted and completed in the complex.
There were eighty models of the Fiat car, manufactured and tested until 1970 when the production was stopped. In 1982, the Company had decided to close its complete operation here, and the building was used for other multiple purposes.

Now a days they have in a portion of the building, an Automobile University and the other portion has the shopping malls and the commercial outlets



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