This Restaurant Admits Only Women In Japan

In Nakano ward, Tokyo, one restaurant “Bar Prince” opened in 2012, admits only women. All the employees are women. 
The waitresses don royal dress as dashing Princes. They have to keep short hair, and have to address each guest O- HIMA-SAMA, meaning ‘the Princess. The motto is simple – to make each women walking in feel uniquely. They should get the impression as if they are Princesses.

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The customers are dressed necessarily as princesses on the premises itself. The dresses displayed from where patrons need to choose and decide what to wear. Special provision for the dressing room is always there to avail.

Japan has so many interesting variety of Bars and Restaurants,  such as where the waiters are monkeys to serve, offer discounts to the bald person only, and yet another bar is run by a Monk.

Opens at 3PM, it is cafe during the day and a bar after the dusk. Very interesting menu offer unique items like homemade pickles,’omu-raise’ rice omelet, and Sushi as you like. Non-alcoholic beverages such as brewed coffee( hand ground) and hard liquors are available.

Another feature dear to a lot of patrons is to choose any particular or favorite prince (Waitress). And perhaps be photographed. You may follow them on Twitter.

A lasting impression is left on you when you are see and experience the luxurious dress worn by the Princes and very highly priced outfits, and interiors are used for all to enjoy.

The restaurant is famous and favorite of students and working women.



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