Israelis Atop Sderote Watching Gaza Bombing

The scene and the mood in Israel is different these days. People gather atop hillock of town of Sderote to look and appreciate Israel forces bombing the controversial Gaza scene.

They watch the scene below on the Gaza’s plans as if it is a movie. Allen Sorenson, a Danish correspondent, had uploaded a snap and called it ‘ Sderote Cinema’ on Twitter and to his surprise, it got shared for 12000 times from his account.

Bombarding of Gaza is not new feature these days, but people watching it as a movie is not an ordinary event… Onlookers give two reasons for this happening. First, their watching like this boost the moral of their forces. Second, watching how many times Hammas has attacked from there.

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Israeli citizens atop Sderote hillock watching Gaza bombing

On Wednesday, on July 9th evening when eight Palestinian watching the World cup semifinal between Argentina and Netherlands from a beach in Gaza strip were bombed and wiped out. That got applauded as a precision strike by the group on hilltop.

The same correspondent has witnessed the Arabs clapping at the news of bombs that killed Israelis in Sderote. Such acts reflect on the human nature which goes through inhuman behavior on both sides, believing their reactions justified.

Reports that whole episode was fabricated proved wrong, when from many other reporters, Nikolaj Krak confirmed to have witnessed the events of locals arranging for comfortable sitting to see below the live show of the densely populated Gaza.

God only knows when these scenes would be over since last fourteen years.


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