Mystery Spot – Where All is Topsy Turvy

Mystery Spot

Santa Cruz, in Hollywood known for film actors, but there is another unique feature about this place. A resort, famed for everything going topsy and Turvy. You may experience about you being as the way you feel about magnetism.
In a room, you will see that water thrown will go upwards. The ball will roll upwards instead going down. If you want to fall while standing you cannot.
This place got accidentally discovered in 1939, and the place came to be called Mystery spot.

The story goes like this, and no building was to be constructed here, one day a surveyor spread his chart, but to his surprise the map started to float. This experience felt like as if it was a miracle. The owner of the place made up his mind never to construct a house there.

Later on this place is known as ‘Mystery spot.’ Initially, people and tourists started coming there to experience something out of the way. The owner started to make money, and days later on he added a log cabin.



Source: Wikipedia. 

Spot’s area is 150 feet in diameter. The tourists are made to experience a few items, such as standing straight, but appearing slanted to others. The laws of gravity or physics seem not to apply in this area.

It can be explained by showing how mistaken visual perception works. You judge against the height of the roof’s slant rather than the actual and upright vision.

It is rather enjoyable to go through this folly for a while but soon you one can see through the whole game.

There are many place around the world where such optical illusions are used to fool senses and be called a gravity hill, or a mystery spot or a gravity road.


                             Magnetic Hill in Orroroo, South Australia

Source : Wikipedia




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