Eating to Remain in Good Health.

All of us need to lead a happy, healthy, balanced and productive lives. We have ways, by which we can protect ourselves and our environment. All we need is to take care and as naturally as possible. Eat natural food: The food should be free from any chemicals, artificial color or preservatives. Reduce and avoid the processed food. All you need is to take full mature fruits and vegetables. The source of the procurement should be certified or of reputed background.


Buy certified organically grown food from well known companies. Buying from these companies means that the products are grown and processed as per laid down rules of the controlling bodies. These names can be other than mentioned here, so long as they have certified logos. 1. Demeter- biodynamic. 2. OGA Certified Organic. 3. Nasaa Certified Organic. 4.Certified Organic Agriquality. 5. Australian Government Certified.

Fruits: Buy ripe, without blemish the fruit you want to eat. They should any dark color like Bright red, yellow, green or orange.


Nuts and seed: Buy those which are heavy and not light. Organism or mildew may have consumed the lighter one. The oily ones are oxidized and so taste bitter. Sprouted seeds about two spoons daily will do wonders to your health.

Get enough sleep 6-8 hours. Watch your weight and exercise moderately for about an hour.

Meat & Fish: Should smell and not rotten. Meat to be pink or red. Fish shining with eyes not bulging.

It is safe not to buy the genetically modified ( GM) products of any kind. The risk is in their long term use as the microbiologist experiment to improve any of the characteristic parameters of its existence as resistance to insects or parasites or even the pesticide. Also, they want improve the taste but a new variety of super pest may develop, harmful to the natural fruits & vegetable.


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