Whispering Gallery Of Gol Gumbaj

Whispering Gallery of Gol Gumbaj :

Gol Gumbaj – Rose Dome, in Bijapur, Karnataka, India is a marvel of construction from Sound (acoustics) from medieval times. Since 1656 AD, its Whispering Gallery is the most noteworthy.

One can hear a whispering voice 124 feet away, right across the dome in diametrically opposite location in the hall, standing next to the wall. There is no electrical wiring or sound system installed within the dome. The transmission of delivery of a message across the dome is surprising. The perfect sound delivery without any walkie-talkie or mobile phones or a sound system is made in those days over 350 years ago. If you speak near the wall behind and can be heard 124 feet away in the opposite spot as if you had the earphone on. The visitor marvel at acoustic system perfection as echoes of sound  are heard many times.

Source: Wikipedia.

It was built in 1656 taking 20 years by artisans of the seventh ruler Adil Shah Dynasty, Muhammad Adil Shah. The tombs of Mohammad Adil Shah and his wives & family are within the dome.

It is the 2nd largest dome of the world, after St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The massive dome is without any support at the center or across, it stands unsupported by pillars.The floor area is 1700 meters square, the highest of the dome is 51 meters and wall are three meters in thickness.


Source: Wikipedia.

You feel astonished and have to wonder at the architectural skill of the Builders and Engineers of those times.


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