World’s Largest Cave booked till 2015

World’s Largest Cave booked till 2015

The largest cave of the world Son Doong is in Vietnam. People go to Son Doong for adventure to get so much fun and joy. The attraction is so much that booking is full for the whole of 2015.
‘Son Doong ‘ meaning ‘mountain river cave ‘ was formed two  to five million years ago by the river cutting into mountain’s limestone. Due to impinging over the years the roof of the mountain fell creating skylights at various places It’s like Science Fiction! It’S fact. The touring company charges $ 3000 per head for eight persons per trip lasting seven days. There are four trip per month. The span of time is now eight months, February until August,


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The package includes porters who ensure to carry all gear and equipment and also help explorers to be comfortable in carrying their gear, safety experts, experienced guides for this high-fi class of tour. The limestone cave is 490 feet high, 650 feet wide and about 30000 feet long with a fast flowing river inside. It was discovered in 1991 by a Vietnamese named HO-Khanah. The British Cave Association had conducted a survey to confirm and after which it gained popularity in the world.

The Cave looks as if it is a beautiful wall painting. It is colorful with such a variety of stalagmite rock formations. The jungles came into existence and flora and fauna increased. The sites within the cave are so attractive that one feels elated at natures work.

The tour operators are very particular in maintaining the eco-friendly nature of the tours.


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