Web Unique: 1) Car Jungle 2) Sheep ‘Sherk’ Avoided Fleecing for Six Years

1) Car Jungle:

Nobody knows the real story of the cars lying like that for seventy years in a southern Belgian forest. Close by is a village called  Chatillon  in southern Belgium.The place is called the graveyard of cars. Speculation prevails that there was a long traffic jam in their route, people abandoned their cars and they remained there.

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Source: Dainik Bhaskar

Another fable prevails that,  after the second-world war the American soldiers left them in excitement of returning home. How they acquired these cars is unknown. Their commanders, then,  decided to leave them in this place. This place is on high ground, and found it very appropriate. The cost of shipment was phenomenal, and nobody retrieved them from the US.

The local population does not believe such stories. They say; this place was a public Stand for long. Any car that was old and useless, the owners left them there.

Over 500 cars were parked in four such graveyards in Chatillon. Some car parts were removed by locals and used. In 2010, the place was declared as dangerous to the environment as rusted and leaking cars are non-eco friendly. The locals administration have destroyed some of these cars by removing them to another place.


2) Sherk avoided fleecing for six straight years

Believe it or not but a domesticated sheep did avoid fleecing for six straight years. This is what  a male sheep  ‘Shrek’  could do. The sheep was from Bendigo station near Tarras,New Zealand owned by John Perriam.       

4f266e9c-51f6-46df-8e63-eba52226e9d9_mediumSource: amusingplanet.com

Shrek avoided the blade and hid in the rocks every time it was due for wool fleecing. This sheep gained world wide attention on its being brought to the scissors. The wool 27 Kgs fleeced, enough for making four suits. Normally it is between 4-6 kilos. It was shorn for the second time live on an iceberg of Dunedin

Shrek (1994-2011) got euthanized under the instructions of a veterinary surgeon at the age of sixteen because developing disease.

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Source: Wikipedia




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