NASA : No Ground Water in 33% USA Land

NASA has disclosed that 33% of US land has no ground water.

Although disturbing, but it is correct. ‘NASA disclosed that 33% of US land has no ground water.

Majority of the dams are empty, and rivers do not have much flow of water. The conditions are worsening so much so that some part of the areas are in the in the process of having drought and waterless stage.
The research work of NASA has come out with a map depicting underground water availability in the US. Texas and Oklahoma are in good condition with respect to water availability but states like Nevada, and California have drought. California’s 83 % land is under the spell of acute drought and in abnormal waterless condition. The Western US rainfall is below the normal.

Screen shot 2014-07-31 at 8.58.48 AM

Photo Source: USDA

NASA has through Satellite photography and in conjunction with Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Satellite (GRACE) has collected data about prevailing drought conditions. The maximum amount of water in the US land is in Colorado river basin.

The GRACE mission has disclosed very disturbing details of this basin: water has disappeared (dried) in 53 million acres’ land area of the basin. In Lake Mead, the central lake of Colorado, the water, has reached the minimum level marked.
The GRACE mission is a collaboration between the NASA and German Aerospace Center. They launched twin satellites in 2002 from Russia. The Satellites mission is to measure the Earth’s gravity field anomalies non-stop. They jointly find out how the mass distributed on the earth varies with time. The constant surveillance of various parameters of earths surface and changes at depth enable the Scientists to reach the decisions which are far reaching for well-being of all.

It is time that world as one unit should take care of not disturbing over-consumption of natural resources and go as much as possible for recirculation processes.



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