Amazing Patents-Tribute to Human Innovation


Animal Ear Protector: 

In 1970 decade this patent was filed. It is designed not only for dogs but other pets as well having long ears who had trouble while eating or drinking water. The device would prevent ears falling or getting entangled with the eating or drinking bowl. A synthetic product made of plastic paper tube.

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Fireplace Waterfall: 
In 2002, the patent was granted to Fireplace waterfall. This device got designed for placing waterfall in the fireplace. It would appear as a waterfall or a spring. The water is made to fall through a chimney over or near a fireplace into the pool.

Neck Wrap And Brace:

In 2005, a patent was granted for the neck wrap is very useful thing for patients as well as healthy person as space may be saved by attaching with the wrap a number of things such as 1) Mobile, 2) Pen or a pencil or a 3) paper pad for quick finding.

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Hiccup Treatment:
Hiccups may not stop even after taking water and may land you in a dangerous situation.While Hiccupping breathing may stop. Hiccup Treatment device got patented in 2003. Current supplied to face through a thin metal rod reaches the nerves within this gadget stops the hiccups immediately

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Sun Mask Towel:
In 2006, A sun mask towel got patented to prevent sunburn of the skin. There are holes cut for eyes, nose and mouth to prevent any discomfort or hampered breathing. After this patent, any damage due to sun to the skin will be prevented. This clothing is just opposite to the monkey cap to prevent frostbite in sub-zero temperatures.


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