Living style – One needs to appreciate own people.

Living style

In life, you need to speak out on some situations to some people and keep quite at other times. One must be careful of when to speak, or otherwise to keep quite.

This precaution has to be taken at home and also outside. Let us speak for the home and family today.
We often hear from the members that they always have done good work, but no one has ever appreciated them. From Family members someone complains that they have done a good job but, the credit was given to someone else.
Speaking and keeping quite at wrong time is the main cause of misunderstanding.If you speak up for the family members on some occasion or topic, harmony will prevail.

A word of encouragement can mean a lot. You can talk and inspire family members on umpteen matters like food, dressing up, Looks, sports, education art and culture or on the success.

If you feel agitated or when you have to criticize for these matters, it will be best to keep quite. At times, people become stranger whenever they see something good in a family member. Usually we keep a record of their wrong doings of the family members but do not keep notes of real good work done or on achieving something noteworthy. Keep a mental record of the good done and at first opportunity express your appreciation and bring out the from your mental account about the good done by such a family member. The member will feel good whenever you speak from your heart because you have prepared or were ready to take such a good stand. Doing this brings you to peace and harmony.



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