Give Time to Your Own People In Their Hours Of Crises


Some people say; they can give everything, not the time to others. In today’s milieu, all are bankrupt when you talk of their time. Working hard, we frequently put in additional efforts to realize the aim, similarly we must make extra efforts to put in our time for others, in their emergency.

Never think or compare that you were not given enough time by the other in your time of crises. Maybe the other person did not devote time to your right to have his time, but whenever the other person needs time and effort from you side, never hold back. Thus, setting an example to lead  a kind and meaningful existence.

In today’s scenario of the business world, people invest in time. They think that they must get much in return. They weigh all efforts put in, in their scale of living and keep track of their inputs made. They make favors today and would like to realize the profits at a later date.

Bygone are days when people shared and kept affinity in their hearts, and enjoyed life in sharing and caring.

Now  generally, people are using and misusing two things at the same time. One, their Body and the second their Time. Whenever they use the body for positive results, knowingly or unknowingly the time is misused or wasted. And when they use time productively, the body is abused. Thus, friendship with one becomes an enmity for the other.

Musical instrument tuned rightly produces harmonious notes. Similarly, correct use of body will produce useful time.Whosoever harmoniously and correctly makes efforts for the body and time, will have fruitful blessings for times to come.



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