The Hardworking Man Who Slept In Storm

Slept In Storm

Years ago, there was a farmer who had a farm on the Atlantic Coast. The production of farm crops and Agri-products were pretty good.

The farm harvest pleased him a lot. There was the problem of shortage of farm laborers.
He was always looking for the farm laborers. Nobody wanted to work there because all were scared of the storms that were very common on the Atlantic coast. The feeling of loosing much of the efforts, and hard work put in would go waste. At last, he found a middle-aged man of small height.

He wanted to work on the farm. The farmer asked this man if could work well on the farm. He replied that he could sleep when the storm comes. The farmer did not understand him for an answer. However, he employed the man, as there was the extreme shortage of workers. The short man worked very hard right from early morning. The farmer was quite satisfied with his output of work.

One evening it started blowing hard and lo; there was a storm. The farmer ran up to the farm and asked the short man to get up and get going. The farmer said, ” Come on, get up, the storm is about to strike, we need to tie up and secure everything before it is too late, lest we loose everything of crops and animals.

The short man turned around, looked at the farmer and half dozing replied,” Sir, I can not come, remember; I told you that whenever a storm came I could sleep.”

The Farmer was annoyed much and felt like shooting him down at that time. But the crop and animals worry made him leave the place. To his utter surprise he found that the crop was already well secured, under a tarpaulin. The animals were tied in the stable and nothing could get damage.

At that time, the farmer understood the meaning of what the short man had told.



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