Atheists Churches’ Increasing Influence in Bible’s Heartland – USA

Americans are turning to Atheism in large numbers. People get together in Corporate Conference Centers and listen to the lecture on the topic of ” Ending of Faith in God. ” Every week there are seminars held on some topic.

A few years earlier Mike Aus and his co-worker Jerry Davit were Pastors for over 20 years of a Christian Church. But now-a-days they address Atheists. This seminar held in Houston Oasis, which is a Church premises and now depicts itself as the non-Church institution.

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Photo: Dainik Bhaskar

Houston Oasis came into being for giving a boost to the Atheist organization in September 2012. Social media network portal ‘Meetup.’ Meetup claims to be the biggest Atheist setup in the world. Mike Aus welcomes people at the entrance while the music is going on. The guest speakers talk on some relevant topic. Finally, Aus Speaks. His sermon is like that of Church for people who like the principles of the old rituals system but do not agree with the principles of the religion.

Oasis is one of the Church amongst the Atheist Church. Nearly all of them are the members Britain’s Sunday Assembly. They have a target of opening 100 assemblies in 15 countries in this year.
There are over a dozen such assemblies in the US.  The increase in the Atheist Assemblies is an indication of Secular belief of the people of the world. Many amongst the Atheist say it is old wine in a new bottle, and nothing new is happening,

There are many session during the month right from kids getting together for outing, Social networking, Education and Musical evenings, Dinners, Coffee socials, Happy hour and Star gazing events and much more to keep all happy and committed to ideals of freedom of religion and of free thinking all the way.



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  1. this is BS. you LIAR. less than 5 percent of americans are atheists. the majority of americans believe in god or are at least DEIST. sorry but it is foolish to be atheist. It makes NO sense. you are going to hell unless you get saved

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