A Little Break is Necessary After A Success


Make it a habit to stop a while after winning or losing in life. Here, stopping means to internal relaxation. Because today success is achieved after a lot of efforts and running around – if there is no success, the effort put in to run around become a drag in life. Such a desperation and hopelessness prevail around that it impels one not to try again or the feeling that one will not ever be successful in life. But today we will discuss what to do after being successful. We may discuss what to do after the defeat in another writeup.

After the success, stop a while and do three things: –

First, you will be praised honestly along with false appreciation. Some will flatter, and sycophants may surround you. Some others will praise to inflate your ego and sing praises all the way. Therefore, partially rest a while to assimilate the success.

Second, prior to resuming on your way it is necessary to generate the fervor for the ongoing success. The success journey is not complete as the stoppage becomes the starting point for the next success.

Third, to maintain successful lead, one needs to maintain awareness. If one is little careless, there will be shocks awaiting before the others push you. Usually one falls by being careless in the world. Pushing by others sometimes results in success.

Earned success has three ingredients, therefore, understand the success and hard work to maintain the success story.
Praise, enthusiasm and awareness are part of the success, therefore, do not waste your labor.



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