Way Of Living – Higher Awareness and Inner Calm. Keeps the Youth on Rightway

Youth brings forth a few unwanted characteristics. The relation between Youth and new traits is natural and like Jaggery (solidified Molasses) and Fly.

Usually, the childhood is safe in the care of parents, and Old age depends on the Almighty or Nature, but the youth requires one’s own efforts to remain on the right track. Whatsoever the youth thinks seems, all right to do. It is hard to agree to other’s advise or guidance during this period.

The parents must understand that it is like a new birth when children reach this stage or cross adolescence. The ways and means of upbringing and keeping a balanced growth require precautions to tackle the youth. The bad company and traits are ever ready to welcome the youth. The hormones and growth of physical and mental capacities in the youth have their much effect.
The youth needs correct direction and decision to go on the balanced way. The parents must start getting ready for the coming of youth right from the infancy stage of children. We take care of the kids physical needs, from the birth but not for their character building and personality.

Each offspring of a couple is enjoined with the navel of the mother and perineum of the Father – is a well known fact.
While meditating, the mother should keep in memory the child and concentrate on the navel and the father on the perineum. The resultant vibrations will be positive and beneficial for the Children wherever they may be in the world. Parents’ vibrations will be around them and ‘ will protect them even when they are not present around the children.


Former Sailing Sea Captain at V.Ships, Miami, FL, USA (retired in 2009). Studied BA (Sophomore) at The Principia, now lives in Jaipur, India

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