Let the Environments be Safe-1- Air

If we switch on the tube light, the effect on the environment is not noticeable. But we need to realize that due to switching on the environment’s balance is disturbed. We have consumed electricity, to manufacture power, and there is consumption of coal or petroleum products.

That means we are consuming the perishable or nonrenewable sources of the energy, with this we are increasing the level of air pollution. If we reduce the consumption of electricity, the direct beneficial effect will be on the nature and the mankind.

400px-Empire_State_Building_Night Photo : Wikipedia, one form of light pollution in New York City

Important info on Pollution:- ( AIR)

– Vehicles if not maintained in time, cause much pollution and damage the vehicle and the environment. Such non-serviced vehicles emit millions of tons of smoke, all over the world.

– Increase in number of vehicles increases the global warming and air pollution. To reduce pollution, it is better to go to nearby places walking or by cycles. Form community pools to share vehicles to go to for longer distances or to the office.

– If the vehicle’s tyre pressure is less than required, the fuel consumption goes up. Take care and maintain correct air pressure in the tyres.

– Purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables. The environments and the farmers get benefitted, and you will get better quality produce.

– Do not burn waste and garbage because the greenhouse gases get released, which obviously means more pollution.

– Prefer to travel more by rail and less by air, aircrafts cause much pollution when compared to surface transport modes.

– Implant nearby empty spaces of residential areas Azadirachta indica (neem), mango, and such plants to get more fresh air. The big trees have the capacity of controlling pollution and lowering temperature far higher than the small plants………… to be cotinued


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