‘noonee’s Chairless ( invisible) Chair

Have you heard of that *wear a moving chair.” ? Here is an invisible chair.

It is an incredible idea in practical shape. Usually, while sitting and working for hours together make the muscles stiff. After due course, the muscular stiffness starts for anybody and one has to pay for it in practical terms. That is, a pain in the legs or the back. To nullify this condition, a 29 years old Zurich engineer, Keith Gunera, designed a wearing chair. One can wear this chair and go any place as desired. One can walk or run with the chair attached. It is wearable like a kneecap.

Screen shot 2014-08-23 at 9.38.24 AM
Photo: Dainik Bhaskar

The gadget is designed for those who do not want or can not sit for a long period at a place of work. This chair can work in a restricted area where there is not enough room around, to accommodate others in a limited place.

The idea of the chair came to Keith Gunra at the age 17, he was impelled to make such a seat while working for a packaging company in London. It took him over ten years to give it a practical shape. He made this chair and wanted in many countries of the world.

It is like a mystery for those who see it for the first time and sheer convenience for who use it. It is wrapped around the legs or more correctly wear it for the convenience. Just by pressing a button, one can set this chair in a required position.  A six volt battery can operate the device for about for 24 hour.

The chair foldable, and may be packed or wrapped on a person. One can wear this chair and go to work. It is easy to walk and even to run. It does not look like a chair to use and so, called a chairless chair. The famous car maker BMW and Audi have shown interest in this chair, and work is likely to begin by the next month.


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