Google Has Successfully Experimented Drone Delivery Like Amazon

Google has successfully experimented on Amazon style of delivery of goods for transporting and delivering consumables in rural areas of Australia by robots of drones.

However, this robot is different from that of Amazon’s drones. This robot has given confidence and new hopes to Google’s driverless car project. Google has named this as ” project Wings.”
The self-flying vehicles concept is not new and to popularize them.  A lot of work is required to complete of which the license to operate such a machine needs to be worked out.

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 9.08.11 AM

In the first experiment, Google arranged to deliver a kit to treat a dog in a farm. The said drone takes off and operate in vertical mode. The drone looks as if it is a space ship. Jonah Cohan, a Mechanical Engineer with Google ( Graduate of MIT ), has designed this drone.

The communication giant Google has been following this project for quite some time. They aim at reducing the time to deliver a shipment weighing not over some weight.  A fishing line is used to lower and retrieve the  line so that complete safe delivery and timely schedule is maintained, taking care that hovering blades of the drone will not damage any other object or get damaged at ground level.

The time and cost of the delivery would be much less than the earlier modes of deliveries preferable within the hour the same day.

It will be a few of years before all the efforts  overcome hurdles such as permission from the aviation  and other lawful authorities, the viability of the operation in case of heavy winds prevailing during the period of service.



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