Leave the Tendencies, Care For the Capabilities To Achieve

Once upon a time a merchant presented two Falcon chicks of high pedigree to the king and requested that an experienced trainer take care of them. The king was jubilant to receive the chicks and asked a birds trainer to care for the new arrivals.

After some time, the king wanted to see their progress in their training. The king noted that the chicks had grown to their full bloom. He expressed his desire to see the hawks fly and show their worth.

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Both were let off; they were in the air with a swiftness pleasing all.
The king noted one of them went up and came back in a few moments and alighted on a tree branch. The other was high in the air and was able to show many acrobatic movements.

The king enquired the reason of the difference in their performance to the trainer submitted that your honor it was a problem of the first one, it returns to the same  branch after a short flight.

The king had it announced that a handsome prize will be given to anyone who would make the hawk fly high and perform well. Many bird’s specialists were unable to do as desired.

At that time, a farmer appeared and could make the hawk fly for long and show like the other one.

When asked for the secret of success, he replied on observing he had noted hawk’s habit of returning to the branch. Therefore, he had the branch cut. The trick had worked as the bird did not find the habitual branch of tree to squat.

Ordinarily, we also do the same; we work and behave as our tendencies guide us but if we take care and perform as per the capabilities entrusted by the nature we can achieve much more.  All we need is to get ahead by recognizing our capabilities and get ahead in life.



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