New Ventures and New Horizons: Japanese Apology Agencies

Human resource (HR) development has a new field extension – agencies specializing in asking to apologize on behalf of the hirer.

Usually one hesitates to apologize for the offence committed. Here the HR companies step into getting out of the difficulty. One may be troubled mentally or does not want to apologize, so one may employ the HR company to do the job.

Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 8.55.38 AMPhoto: Dainik Bhaskar

Apology Agencies are mushrooming in Japan. The Agencies send male or female agent to apologize on behalf of the hirer. There are good results of this new venture, and people feel happier for such service provided. One has to pay naturally for the service.

The possibilities of succeeding in such a work is not much, as the agent has to meet such a person who got hurt for some reason. Sometimes it is not possible for a person who has committed a mistake to apologise. One may not be strong enough to face the other person. The Apology agencies train the agents in such a way that they tackle the situation and deliver an apology.

The agent has the efficiency so that he tactfully does the job and get the hirer out of doldrums. 40% of the customers are women for such agencies. The usual reason for women is a problem ‘love’ or ‘money.’ The price for the service varies from case to case. The agencies first find out about the situation and then give the quotation. Some companies tell the customer the fee over the phone.

All in all, here is something new and innovative.



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