Revival of New York’s Soul : World Trade Center Rises Again

Thirteen years earlier militancy had attracted the attention of the world. Being the principal trade, business and commercial center of the USA, twin towers of World Trade Center, New york were the attraction and the pride of the US. The towers were opened to the public on April 4th, 1973.

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The Agency that planned the towers had a hard and painful experience after the attack. Their input of tremendous effort for the planning, construction and strength of the towers was unprecedented. The initial application got forwarded in 1943 and until 1949 the permission lingered on. The public got information about the twin towers in 1961; the sight of construction got selected on the east of the river. The Governor of NewJersy took the offense seriously that billions of dollars will flow in and invested, but finally had to give the consent.

The present plan is to rebuild new towers at the same place as World Trade Center. They have planned for a complex having six skyscrapers and had a memorial and museum as a tribute to those killed. World Trade center will once again lead as a business center after completion of the construction.

Did not learn enough: 
They never took proper safety and security precautions even after multiple mishaps.Look at the lapses:
February 13th, 1975 – fire.
February 26th, 1993 – Bomb explosion.
January 14th, 1998 – Robbery
New Building is Beautiful:
The new building got readied a few days earlier, has 101 floors in addition to five basements makes the skyscraper 546.2 meters in height. The other towers under construction and one can view from afar.



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