Most Expensive House of the USA on Sale For $ 150 Million

The sale of properties business is not doing well in these days almost everywhere in the world.

The sellers are not getting the customers, and the purchasers are not finding house worth of their budgeted money. In this troubled times, there is a house is on sale for $ 150 million for living in Los Angles.

Owl wood Estate in Holmby Hills has an area of 13000 sq. Feet is the most expensive house available in the US. Spread over in 10 acres plot. The richest people of Los Angles live in this area. The real estate agent Josh Flagg, as a spokesperson of Rodeo Reality, says that they are not advertising much for “Spelling Manor”house.

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Photo : Dainik Bhaskar

With little knowledge, the Company is looking for a buyer who can buy this property. The first turn of sale, restricted for those who will purchase the property at seller’s asking price.

This house owned by Petra, the  daughter of a tycoon and owner, CEO and the President of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone. Ecclestone is a billionaire and daughter Petra aged 23, bought this house for $ 83 million in 2011.

She had with the help of Interior designer Gavin Brodin remodeled and redesigned the house along with her industrialist husband James Stunt. She also had 500 workers and Peace of Mind Electricians work here, and the house is one of top and finest home of today in the US. The property boast of a tennis court, swimming pool, and personal parking. The incredible beauty of the property has so much of a variety like a private parking and fountain. They expect to make $ 64 million in excess of the fund spent. In the case the transaction is unsuccessful they will go for to the open market for the sale at seller’s option.




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