Remaining Sorrowful Will Not Lessen Anxiety

At a particular age and stage of life, you have to earn money for the daily bread. You choose a career and start to work, but you may like the other options of choosing a career. The mind may feel upset about this fact of life. It questions the field chosen, saying why not change the job or field? Ordinarily, the thought prevails; the mind wandering is not easy to control as you work along.

If you do not decide, the way to go, do not worry and merge yourself into the work you are doing. Prepare yourself to sacrifice if need be so, that is, put in your best efforts, mind and soul to work. If you immerse yourself into the chosen field wholeheartedly, the destiny will guide you to the right way.

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While working, if you start to feel happy, then you should understand that you are going on the right way. Whereas, if you feel that you are compelled to do the job then, you are not mentally working properly. If the burden of the family or other circumstances weigh heavily on you then, you will not be able to realize the dreams seen in your earlier times.

All you will get is either discomfort, blood pressure or ulcer or mental disease knocking at your door step.

An announcement made that the incoming flight got delayed for over five hours, will change passengers mood.They will start cursing the plane or the airline. Doing so will not hasten the flight. You will see that the children there will device, ways and means to spend the time playing, chasing one another or busy themselves in playful mischiefs. They will spend the time happily without any resentment. On the contrary, usually, the adults feel unhappy and resentful.

You start with the aim of being happy and usually make yourself miserable while working or confronting a problem. You should rise above the situation and without being stressed or saddened, spend your time to complete the task assigned responsibly and happily. Being unhappy or sad will not diminish your mind’s burden or sorrow. Only happy person can complete any job playfully.


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