A Japanese Invents Machine To Convert Plastic Into Oil.

As children, we care a little about nature or to be exact the environment. Later in life we had our children by that time the places we played, had disappeared. Akinori Ito of Blest corporation wanted to do something about it. From year 2000, all were talking about global warming.

In Japan, there is little space for garbage. Also, other places in the world there are only few places to dispose off garbage. The effect of trash is awful. For instance, the fish at sea, or domesticated animals swallow the plastics bags or plastic particles and die when their food canal gets choked.
Using the simple or practical Japanese technology the problem of “pollution” on earth is solvable, simply by converting plastic back into oil.

It is a well-known fact that the plastic is a bi-product of oil. It is not a hard task to convert it back to oil or as they call it – recycling plastic into oil.

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Photo : YouTube

Akinori Ito started the task years ago. You may see the oil conversion machine shown here. It is easy to understand the oil conversion process.

Fill the drum with plastic of any kind by removing the top cover. Plastic is the main ingredient of oil. You do not need to break the plastic but only put inside the drum.The lid gets closed tight, and heat turned on. The plastic melts with rise of temperature. The released gases are piped to a freshwater drum where the vapours turn the mixture to oil by cooling.The oil so formed can be used for various purposes such as cooking gas, diesel, petrol or furnace oil. One kilo of plastic turn into one liter of fuel.

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Photo : YouTube

Burning one kilogram of plastic produces 3 liters of carbon dioxide. 80% emission of carbon dioxide can be reduced by converting the plastic to oil by using heat or electricity.

Akinori Ito is taking this machine to various developing countries for demonstration for the new but simple method.
The children are educated by seeing this process and also help in collecting plastic for the demonstration.
When children learn that the plastic is oil, the garbage is collected, and cleanliness maintained. If people know that the plastic is oil, it will be stored separately for the purposes. Plastic is a real oil field all around us.

If people of the world start the conservation and recycling our problem of environment will reduce dramatically, the nonrenewable source of energy will also be conserved at a larger scale. Let us get together and do this work to make life happier for all living and non-living world.


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