The Viral Video of Bent iPhone 6

The video of newly launched iPhone 6 – bent has gone Viral.

There were more than 31 million views so far. There is a feature in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which was not officially disclosed by the Company. It was known to other consumers only after a user tweeted the info. He had asked the Company on noting the phone slightly twisted after a couple of days use, about this bend and then tweeted. The Company never replied with the info. Jokingly, it is a new feature. On the night of 23rd, this feature was uploaded on the YouTube that got viewed over 31 million so far. There were 112192 likes and 10568 comments

Screen shot 2014-09-26 at 12.01.40 PM

Photo: YouTube

It is an altogether a new feature of iPhone 6. The company has included in the features of Metal body and retina display. It is good for those who wear jeans and keep the phone in the pocket. People have tweeted the picture of the bent phone. Bandgate Like Watergate tag got displayed. Some users are too happy with the features of the new iPhone 6. The majority of consumers say that it would have been better for the Company like Apple not do such a job. The company should have given the news of the new features prior to the launching.

The consumers on other social media sights have said that they will carry the iPhone 6 in their pockets, either in pant or shirt or hand carry the set. Other users say that Apple always does something new. The case of iPhone 5 there were such complaints.

It is rather too early to fathom the response but if it is going to be “bendgate” then the Company will have to bear a lot market’s wrath.


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