Ten Steps to Avoid Hopelessness

It is a common to experience that we keep loosing opportunities to change things in our way. Nothing, much can be done after missing time for the opportunity. But yes, we can get ready for the next time and not be disappointed.
Here we have some ways to help to get the best: –
1) Life is like a story book.
The pages and chapters keep changing in a book. People meet and part company. It is no use thinking over the past incidents, and it is of no use to remember the previous company and old happenings.
2) Respect yourself:
Prior to getting importance from the close relatives and friends, learn to respect yourself. It is like loosing in a deal, if you keep relation with those who do not care for you.
3) Vent your feelings.
Do not suppress your emotions, lest they may damage your spirit. Do not pressurize yourself to keep for the future relation – go ahead and express your feelings.
4) Spend time with like-minded people:
It is essential to work, but not to overwork where you have no time for your family and friends. Spend time with like-minded people and remember the small day to day happenings with them.

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5) Love yourself:
We expect others to like us but, do not love ourself. If we love ourself, we will learn the value of love of others. That is how you will know how to express love.
6) Always help Others:
We remember for the lifetime those who had helped us and saw you through a difficult time. Try and be like that person, and as far as possible help others at all times.
7) Live in the present:
We are so engrossed in ourself that we do not know about the time passing. We forget the present time, or the now. It is essential that we learn to live in the present. It is very easy to do.
8) You Achieve by action and not by thinking.
Just seeing dreams will not help you lead a better life. It is by doing that we make what we want. Do not procrastinate. We must try hard to achieve and not be dependent on others. Doing the right will take you where you want to reach and not just doing anything aimlessly.
9) Lead the life as you want to:
Choose your way, do not get impressed by others’ achievement. Don’t think that others way of doing is the best course. It is better to die in your style rather than leading life the others’ way.
10) What is your aim to be:
What is the way you want to live. Ask your heart and do as it guides you. Do not take a decision by looking at others. You will live happier if you listen to your inner voice.



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