Noble Prize in Controversy Since Inception.

This year (2014) Noble prize for medicine has been given to three scientists.U.S.-British scientist John O’Keefe and Norwegian husband and wife Edvard Moser and May-Britt Moser are the recipients.  They have worked on brain cells – that work like the GPS system for the human body.They have deciphered separately as to how human orient themselves in learning to move about in their daily work.

National Geographic team has pointed out through its research and findings that the Noble prize have not been given to those who have shared and gave much to the Scientific world.

Periodic table:

It is not a chart of the chemical elements. Its clean rows and columns give the properties of chemical elements. In 1901, the Nobel prize for chemistry was given to Jacobus H. van ‘t Hoff. Dmitri Mendeleev’s periodic table was surpassed and overlooked. 1n 1905 he was renominated, but the Noble committee felt that the table was old and known earlier. The award was given to Henri Moisin for discovering Florin. Florin got placed on the element table as given in the earlier periodic table of Dimitri Mendeleev.

Electric Bulb:

It was a grand blunder not to give Noble prize to Thomas Alva Edison for inventing the electric bulb. It got patented by a Joseph Swan in the U.K but the practical of the electric bulb got demonstrated by Edison. Today, the demand of electricity is unprecedented in the world. Edison left this world in 1931 without the Nobel Prize.


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The First Genome:

Many people think and wonder why Genome never got the Noble prize. It’s engineering project, was not an invention or discovery. Six years earlier Craig Venter and the team found the technique of automated DNA sequencing that could ascertain any living organism’s full code. The prize should have gone to Venter but did not.


Dark Matter:

There are many astronomical discoveries which should have got the Noble prize. Of them, the “Planetary motion’s Kepler’s principal of the universe, 20th Century’s invention that universe is expanding. Dark matter was the foremost.

In 1970, Rubin And Cantt Ford told that milky way’s star were revolving at the same speed as they are moving. Some unknown force is controlling all the movement. It is a dark matter that has got 90 % of the universe’s weight. As all the Scientists do not have the same opinion, the noble prize was not given, whereas the 2011 physics award was given to such an enigmatic discovery.


Black-hole death

in, 1970 scientist Stephen Hawking got an idea that he named as ‘Moment of ecstasy’. His theory states that the in the black hole the mass will get extinct, and they will remain as gamma rays. Hawking’s theory got recognized by many physics researches. Black holes breakdown will take billions of years. Hawking will get the noble prize once nature proves the black hole theory.


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