Travel : 1) Orient Express 2) Sand Dune Lagoons


1) Orient Express a Luxury Train of Hungary 

Many countries have added new luxury trains to boost their tourism industry. There are plenty of facilities made available on board so that passengers do not experience difficulties. Recently, such a train called “the Orient Express.” repetition of a train that carried the European aristocracy in the early twentieth century. It has just commenced to run between Budapest, capital of Hungary to Tehran, the capital of Iran. It takes two weeks to cover this trip costing in US $39000.

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Photo credit: Dainik Bhaskar

The train travels from Budapest through Kurdistan to Tehran totaling a distance of seven thousand kilometers. The journey goes through historical places, and there are special facilities to explain the features of the hinterland and its importance in the history. A British travel agency ‘Golden Eagle’ is seeing all the travel aspects. The tickets were sold off within ten days of its announcement of the booking. The agency shall have another four such trains added for the next year.

2) Brazil’s Wonder: Lenkois National Park.

The Lençóis (Lenkois) National Park of Brazil, known in the world for a swimming pools amidst the real sand dunes.

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Photo: Credit : Dainik Bhaskar

The deserted stretch spreads in an area of 1550 square kilometers in the eastern coastal region of the Maranhão state in Northeast of Brazil, South America.

The nearest township is Atins connected via The  river Rio Preguicas on the southern tip of the park. There are several regular bus/truck air services easily available between Barreirinhas and São Luís, Brazil (Maranhão’s capital), a distance of about 260 km (160 mi).

The park has no access of metalled or even raw roads. Tourists can travel to the area by four-wheel drive truck. Regular bus service Sao Luis and Barreirinhas connects to the town of Atins.

Close to it lie hundreds of the man-made water pools. These pools are the main attraction for the foreign tourists.

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Photo Credit : Wikipedia

The heights of the sand dunes keep varying in different seasons in a year. Swimming can be carried out only for a few months in a year. The park is like a desert; created on June 2nd 1981. It rains heavily there. This park could be seen in the Brazilian film ‘ The House of Sand’. Also, a song in the Indian film named Endhiran was filmed here with Rajnikant and Aishwarya( Miss world 1994) in the lead.



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