Web Seasoning : 1) Miracle in Medical Science 2) Burz Dubai

1)Miracle in Medical Science

Millions of spinal cord injury related patients have the superb chance to recover from the incurable condition due to advanced research and development in the field now. Darek Fidyka of Bulgaria got paralyzed in a knife attack by hooligans. The medical team of doctors told him about the loss of sensation in the body below the waist. The spinal cord got damaged that made the chest and below body parts useless. It was an unprecedented shock in his life.

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Photo Credit: Dainik Bhaskar

British Dr. Powel Tabakov diagnosed the cause and disclosed in a medical Journal about the breakthrough about the nasal Cell transplantation. His team had to make a nerve cells bridge between two segments of bones of the spine. He successfully transplanted the sensory olfactory cells, bulbs and nerve fibroblastras from the nose to the spine. These cells successfully made the required bridge and made Derek walk again.

This discovery will revolutionize the spinal cord bone repair to spinal injury cases. This new breakthrough achieved by the works of Professor Geoffrey Raisman, a professor at University College London’s (UCL) institute of neurology.


2) Every Night, The Highest Building is Lit Like in Diwali

Dubai’s Burz Khalifa, the highest building in the world looks beautiful and attractive in the day. Light effect is used, for it to look magnificent during the night.  A helicopter was used to the photo shoot to recognize the full scope of shape, form and beauty of the Khalifa Burz and the surrounding areas. Thousands of people, tourists, come here to look at the structure and for this reason lighting, gardening and everything are of an international standard.

Screen shot 2014-10-24 at 5.12.41 PMPinterest’s Tanzila Haque uploaded photo of Burz Khalifa  for others to enjoy.



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