True stories: 1) Reserving A Seat In Restaurant 2. Sophia, Settled At Last

He reserves a seat in restaurant:

There are many stories telling how people love their life partner endlessly. Such is the case of a senior citizen a Twitter user Madina Bashizadah of Fremont, California. As per Imgur, They were married and lived for 55 years together and lost her five years ago. He carries her photo always and always reserves a seat in a restaurant when eating out. He is seen to be talking to the picture and kissing it. As per BuzzFeed he celebrates her birthday and their Anniversary in style. Madina uploaded her picture on Twitter and found that it went viral on October 22nd.

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Photo Credit : Dainik Bhaskar.

Most interesting part of this story is their separation and then meeting for the long married life together. It so happened that they met when he was only 17 and had to leave for WW II. He would think and fantasize about her during his war years. After his return, he searched  for her, with no result in ten years. Lo, to his surprise, when he narrated the story to his Barber,
Who called his daughter to be the girl he wanted so much. The two were united and settled for years till her passing on.

Mother sent the daughter to Russia; She found the new Life.


Sophia 15, born and brought up in the USA, was sent to her biological father in Novosibirsk, Russia for her bad behavior. Her mother, Natalia was a US citizen of Russian ethnic background and had married Zim Roberts. During her studies in the US, Sophia would run away from school and would sometimes disappear and occasionally misbehave. Mother Natalia had her sent to Russia on the pretext of going there for holidays.

On reaching in Russia, Natalia told her to learn some good cultural values and behave well with her biological Father’s family.
He could not look well after her. Sophia’s friends learnt about her sorry state of affairs in Russia. They started to protest about it in the social media. Many people joined the protest and asked her mother Natalia to get her back to the USA.

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Photo Credit : Dainik Bhaskar.

Farid Soilimani learnt and felt hurt about this from social media. He felt that Sophia was his daughter because he had lived with both Natalia and Sophia in former days. He contacted Natalia and arranged to bring Sophia to his ancestral home in Morocco. Sophia also remembered her childhood and her playing with the grandmother. Now 18, is very happy to stay in her new home. She is happy with the new set-up and never wants to go back the US. She wishes to bring her younger sister to  Morocco, who is working in US immigration Office as an official.



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