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The US is the leader of the internet and computer era in the world. Here is a noteworthy contribution: Taking care of its senior citizens. Two seniors, Dorthy and Bill Doveriski are living in North Beach area amidst famous Italian restaurant, strip clubs and the concentrated mobile phone electromagnetic signals. The messages arrive through the monitoring system ‘Lively’ fixed in their apartment.

If any unusual event takes place their son Phil receives the signal. The medicine containers, the items associated with the refrigerator are all getting tracked by the tiny white colored sensors. Phil gets the updates on their regularity in taking their medicines and food. If they do not or miss one dose and alert is sent to Phil. They do not have to look around for receiving this replenishment as messaging takes care of that.

Explains Phil, he was looking for stuff or systems of support so that the parents get their refills without leaving theirs apartment. The closed circuit recording system were available, but they prey on the privacy. He was on the constant lookout to find such systems. Some companies have started to work on these types of devices that were not available until the last year. ‘ Lively’ is one such an answer.

Citizens over 65 years are increasing very fast in the US. Director Ken Smith of Stanford center of Longer life aging problems of senior citizens explains that by 2032 number of the persons over 65, will be more than those under 15 years of age. Therefore, the numbers of persons for nursing care will go down. 90 % of those above 65 years say that they would like to stay in the house as far as possible.

The tech companies are slow in working for facilities related tools for the aged. It is because the entrepreneurs are usually of younger age group. They solve problems related to their age group and not others.
Kettie Ficcay a company working to make devices related to seniors say that the attraction for the aging problems’ gadgets is not much.

Facilities and Conveniences:

Many companies are taking steps for making lives easier and convenient for the elderly on their own. A small group ‘Stitch’ has launched a social network for the elderly to search for a partner. The company filters and checks the identity of those making contacts. Any fraudulent people get traced through this service.

Apps for Grandmother:

For Apps, Some companies have made the use of mobile and app easier. In September, a company Oscar Tech have launched two apps.They made GrandMother tablet and downloaded. Oscar Senior App’
With this their operating system and video call get started. The grandson can download Oscar Junior that helps in managing the device remotely.

Apps comprises of the Check Book

‘To link Financial’ has presented the grandmother check book alternative. To link Financial is the app that has sort of controlled the checkbook fraud and misuse as alerts get issued for any untoward and unwanted, fraudulent use of the checks. For a massive amount, withdrawal is also tracked and alert get issued.


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