Incredible:Hospital Grants Wish to See Beloved Horse For One Last Time

Bickershaw is a small town off Greater Manchester, UK. Mrs. Sheila Marsh, 77, got admitted there fighting with cancer, not much hope remained for her survival.

Her last wish to see her horse was gracefully granted by the hospital.
The Royal Infirmary hospital brought out her bed outside the hospital to its steps so that she could meet the horse prior to her passing on. At the fag end of her life, her last wish to see beloved Horse Bronwen, was high. The hospital’s bereavement liaison cell acted generously and appreciated by one and all in the public and the media.

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Picture: Mercury Press

As she called Bronwen, seeing her immediately came and tenderly kissed her cheek and then kept his mouth near her head. He made such gestures that the mood and emotions were full of such feelings as if he bid last goodbye to her. All those present were overwhelmed and had moist eyes. She passed away shortly after Bronwen’s goodbye meeting.

Mrs. Sheila Marsh and Bronwen had 25 years’ old relationship. She brought when He was a very young foal. Tina,33, daughter of Mrs. Marsh said that she brought up Bronwen, very well.

Shiela Marsh would take him to Haddock racecourse. Perhaps, he had become a part of her life. Besides Bronwen, she loved all animal. Tina thanked the hospital administration for granting her mother’s last wish.

Such real stories of affinity between humans and animal world show that Love between two living creatures is something that all form of life understand well. Happenings of this sort make life so meaningful and enjoyable.


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