A Story: Why To Take Care Of Your Own Health

There was a rich man in the city, engaged in a business. He worked overtime, putting in long hours and worked hard; he would work between 18 to 20 hours at times. Never cared much for his health. He made profitable deals after deals, and gradually became the richest tycoon of the town.
Recently, he built a great house to celebrate the success. He arranged a big party and invited all the neighbours, friends and persons who mattered in the town. After all the guests left he went to sleep in his room.
He heard a voice in his ears as he was lying on the bed …
I am your soul, and now going to leave your body !!


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The man said nervously, hey you can not do this, without you I am nothing. If I die now, my success story will be over; I did all this to please you. Please do not abandon me at this stage. All the millions, the facilities, and the amenities are for you to enjoy. 

The Soul said,” your healthy body was my home; you worked for money and never cared for your physical being. You messed up this invaluable body. Your blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, obesity, back pain, have surrounded your body. You can not walk properly; you can not sleep at night, your heart is too weak because of stress and your body has become home to many diseases.
You tell me whether you want to live in such a house having thin and weak walls all around; the roof leaking, the windows broken, doors not working properly, with plenty of dirt around  ?? No security or routine check ups.
… So why do you expect me to stay in such a house?

… And by saying that the soul left the body of the tycoon … and the tycoon died.

Friends, this is a story of many people in reality. It is not that you should not work hard to achieve your goal. Attain by all means that you want to reach the top but at all times take care of your health first. Otherwise, after attaining your goal, like the tycoon you are bound to lose the joy of your success at any moment. Take care.



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