Unique information On World’s Ultra Rich

Who are considered the ultra rich ?? 

Those people who have property more than 30 million dollars.

Research by Bhaskar Research Team: 211275 people of the world have 30 trillion dollars worth of property. They are barely 0.004% of the world’s population. It is the double of the money of American Turnover 15 trillion dollars; that is eight times the economy of Europe.

As per another report over 27 thousand women are included in this data. Barely 9 thousand women made their efforts to get ultra rich. That is,  they did not receive property from either their husband or a family. It is earned by themselves.

Learn how and where do they live and how do they spend their money.

800 million dollars get spent on booze. 2300 million dollars on aircrafts. 400 million on cars. 2200million dollars on yachts.

This year their wealth increased by 7%.
The ultra-rich folks on an average spend 1.1 million dollars on luxury goods. That includes Food, travel, and Jewelry.
19 % of the revenue on luxury goods comes from their spending.
3 % are into Real estate business. 88% are holding Bachelor’s degree, whereas
12% are have not studied beyond high school.
Only 30 Ulta rich own sports teams or Racing Horses.
30% have a luxury house in a foreign country besides the luxury home in their country.

48 % of women have received their property from near relatives whereas only 13 % of men received the property through the relative


There are 211275 ultra rich in 2014 and have increased by 6 % from 2013. Women in this group have the average age of 57 as compared to men to be 59.

Women, ultra-rich far exceed the men in donation. They donated 20 million dollars and men 15.1 million.





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