Opportunities Are Not Closed Forever !


Life’s opportunities never close but the new one keep coming up.
No matter how adverse are the prevailing conditions, rays of hopes lie amongst them. To go through difficult times is not painful if we remember certain things mentioned here under: –

– Many times the life’s opportunities are closed but right there, other openings are available. Struggling is a stage of life where one has to wait to pass through the ordeal for some time, and, therefore, one needs to be patient and bear calmly through the struggling time.

– Nothing is permanent in life. So enjoy each stage. If the conditions are not favourable, wait but don’t give up efforts, keep fighting and go on, non-stop.Most likely you are bound to win.

-To worry and to complain or protest is of no use. It is better to fight back and find and work for solutions of the problems. Those who complain the most, are the ones who usually lose the maximum.

– To be successful without trying is worse than being unsuccessful after making efforts. You do not loose if you fail in your endeavours but to give up and leave the arena is a sure sign of defeat.

– Finalise your aim after a lot of thought process and planning. Keep heading towards the aim against all odds and thinking. Once you have planned something, then put all your efforts and energy to achieve your objective. Once you are underway then overcome all obstructions through your efforts.

– Change your habits to make you better than before and not to please others. Keep heading towards the aim against all odds even in opposition. Whatever all others think to be impossible to achieve, you should make it possible to attain, to be known as success.

– The circumstances always cannot be made favourable but efforts can be continued to do so. It is possible that you do not achieve the type of success you wanted, but you will get whatever you deserved.



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