Students Use Google Drive for Homework.

Google Drive

It is not a big wonder that internet is trickling down to the day to day life. The school children of New York schools disclosed in a session ” Ignition Conference” of Business Insider about how they do their homework.

They find the Google drive very student friendly. They do theirs homework on the iPad or smartphone during the time in their passage to and fro from their school, either in the subway or the bus.

When asked to which App was more useful, most of them they replied that Google drive was the best to complete their assignments.

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Photo source: Dainik Bhaskar

One of them explained in detail that Google is student friendly and that they are sort of dependent on it. There are many resources on the Goggle drive that make things easy to work. It is also easy as the whole of the school work is done on the internet now. Another student said that people think that the smart phone is a useless device where people waste much of their time. But it was not so, we work with them.
In this group, one of the students disclosed that the teacher uploads the assignment on the internet website. Whereas in most of the classes, the project is discussed on the Facebook prior to the finalization.

For general information, Google Apps such as Google suite, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Groups, and Sites is being tried out in most of the educational schools and colleges. They are reasonably protected if the terms and conditions get agreed.


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