Prior Trusting Others, First Trust Yourself.


Whom to trust? This question keeps popping up in the majority of people’s mind. Some people get betrayed so many times that they lead a full-time life of suspicion. When someone offers you a bite in a journey, you doubt, maybe there is something in the food that could make me unconscious. The uncertainty generates because we have heard in media that such cases of cheating leading to looting keep happening. Such incidents produce and promote suspicion slowly. That is why we start to disbelieve those near us. In turn, they also start having a suspicion or a shadow of the doubt in us.


This suspicion trickles down between the man and his Creator, the God. In an adverse situation, even the Followers start questioning and doubting the Almighty,

In reality, the trait of trust and mistrust has much to do with self. If one does not believe in himself; he will not in general trust the other. If you think deeply, distrust is the reflection of the trust. Distrust is the contrary thinking.

Therefore, one should spend one’s whole energy in believing in oneself. That way you will start to think that no one will betray me, and I will not betray anyone. I think that whatever I do, it will be the right way. Whatsoever is the result, my efforts will be on the basis of truth. If you are steady in this up-righteous belief then, the vicious circle of trust – and mistrust will not affect you. Your actions will have a salutary result.


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