Do You Have Some Interesting Information?

1. Reading and dreaming are carried out by different parts of the brain; that is why one can’t read while dreaming.

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2. Lighter was invented before matches.

3. The currency note gets manufactured from cotton rather than paper.

4. Women’s shirt buttons lie on the left side, and men’s on the right.
5. The human brain is 80% water.

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6. Human blood is restorable only for 21 days.

7. Design of the human tongue like fingerprints is different for different people.
8. A cockroach can stay several days even after head severed.
9. A camel’s milk cannot become yogurt due to inherent deficiency.
10. A bat, on leaving a cave turns to the left.
11. An ostrich eye is bigger than its head.
12. First 100 richest people make so much money in a single year that they can finish the poverty of the poor four times over>.
13. Squirrel’s teeth always keep growing.
14. Human left foot is bigger than our right foot.
15. 80% of Internet traffic comes from search engines …
16. We shed 50 to 200 numbers of hair daily.
17. The squirrel lifespan is usually nine years
18. The elephant is the only animal which can not jump.
19. The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.
20.  Ants sleep as much as 250 naps lasting over a minute each time. Only ant queen sleeps up to nine hours daily.(


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21. Neil Armstrong had placed his left foot first on moon’s surface, at that time his heart beat was 110 times per minute. ( Wikipedia)
22. Honey never spoils for thousands of years.
23. Due to earth’s gravitational force, the mountains cannot be taller than 15000meters.
24. Marine crab’s heart is in the head.
25. Some worms, when they don’t get food eat themselves
26. You can not stop thinking
27. Bill Gates earns money at the rate of US $200 per second.
28. You will not ever remember where your dream began.
29. Lightning strikes earth 100 times every second.
30. A kangaroo can not walk backward.
31. When compared worried people spend more money than happy folks.

The interesting information may be added with more points – all are welcome.


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