Scientific Research on Yoga By Baba Ramdev

Yoga is an age-old cultural & spiritual heritage of India. Many sages & seers have contributed to this field of knowledge and science over ages. They found the means for attaining Nirvana from samadhi ( Trance).With this they developed a system for keeping people healthy & disease free through various practices in the form of pranayams, mudras, & asanas. They were watching carefully the postures & habits of animals, & determining how to emulate them in the human body.

Also they featured all objects in the nature such as the plough ( as halasan)& mountain as parvat asana, tree in Vriksha asna. The asanas pertaining to birds (Garudasan – eagle, Mayur asan – Peacock,  animals: mandookasan ( frog, Bhujangasan- Cobra, Ustasan – Camel, Singasan – Lion   were developed so that with Scientific basis the fitness of all human being  can be improved substantially. The Scientific basis of Yoga were forgotten and only technical details were left behind. These Scientific basis have been rediscovered  by the Swami Ramdev.

To establish Yoga as a complete medical science Baba Ramdev pursued the missing science & has resurrected it. He has studied the Medical Science & Yoga practices, & concludes that the Yoga meets that it meets the modern medical standards. For the first time in the universe he has invited the international  scientists to work with him to evaluate & prove the scientific basis of Yoga

He has proved that Yoga can be used by all age groups for preventing diseases & controlling any reoccurrence of diseases. With this he has proved that benefits like awakening talents, generating positive, qualitative and productive qualities are the other fallout of approaching the Yoga in an honest and fervent desire.

Swami Ramdev Baba has been declaring on  TV channels that all medical & mental conditions can be cured by doing Pranayama Yoga, with faith in God and yourself.




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