The Magic of Ribbon That Changed the Life

One teacher in a New York’s school called each child of the class to her table. She explained to the students that each of them was relevant to the class and gave them a blue ribbon as a sign of honor. On this ribbon it was inscribed in golden color letters ” What am I, it makes a difference”. She gave each of them an extra ribbon and told them, to go and honor someone else. She successfully demonstrated to the students the magic of the ribbon that would change the life of many.

One of the kid went to the company office in the vicinity and tied a ribbon on the arm of a junior executive. There, he told him, thank you for guiding me through the other day, in selecting a career. Then, he gave another ribbon to him by saying that he might like to honor someone else for an uplifting experience.
In the afternoon that junior executive went to his boss, well known for having a sharp temper. He said to the boss (Manager) that he respected him much and would like to honor him for being a creative genius. He would like his permission to tie a ribbon on his arm. The boss was surprised but gave the permission. The boss liked the ribbon on the arm because he was acknowledged as a creative person. Then the junior gave the extra ribbon to him to honor someone else.

In the evening, on reaching home, the manager went to his son’s room and told him about the happening of the day. He told him that he thought about his son during the day. So far, being always busy, he could not pay much attention to him. He added, “I keep rebuking you for not getting good grades and not cleaning your room, but I still love you much; you and your mother are paramount in my life.” On hearing this, the boy became emotional and started to cry and said that he thought his father did not like him, and was about commit suicide.

Next day, when the boss returned to the office, he was a changed man. Now, he tries his utmost to make all employees feel that they were necessary to their working position and that that they were indispensable for the Company. From then on, the employees worked with more zeal and produced good results in the office output. They were much impressed by the genuine change of attitude of the boss.

The Manager, on the other hand now realized and appreciated the value of the Magic of Ribbon That Changed the Life of many.


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