Chinese Art School Resembles Harry Potter’s Magic Palace

You must have seen British film producer J K Rolling’s Harry Porter series. There was a school teaching magic, Harry, and his friend learned magic there. Such a looking school is ready and running in the province of Heibei with the name, Academy of Fine Arts in Xinle city, China. Animation The photographs of the school have gone viral on the internet. All agree that the school’s architecture is influenced by Harry Porter movies. The workings and looks of the school is said to be like Hogwaters school. The designer of the project does not agree to this precept.

Here you see the building of Haibie Academy of Fine Arts. The students will also learn computer animation here. There is no limitation of time on the students of Arts and Animation. The students can pick up any assignment of their choice and complete them even after the regular hours of working.

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 8.20.05 PM

Photo Source: Dainik Bhaskar

The majestic look of the school is like, a palace and the internet users say that it resembles the Hog-waters School. On the other hand, the designer says you may call it as a Cinderella’s Castle. He says he is not at all influenced by J K Rolling’s magical world. This structure is like an example of medieval Europe. It has the distinct style of Gothic era of
European Architecture. For this reason, there is a clock tower in the building. This structure cost US $ 2.4 billion. The spokesperson of the school said that there are no automatic shifting stairs or speaking portraits.
We want to emphasize that the students should see the classical architecture and should make something very creative in this good learning center. Besides the students, the teaching staff should feel that they are a part of something distinct and very special place. It is a very excellent place for the college location. He maintains that the place is not like or resembles Harry Potter’s Magic Palace.



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