Some Flowers – In Alpha betic Order


Flowers are always pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

Here are named various flowers in order of the alphabets. With so much-advanced aids to set the data, we have made efforts to arrange their data as found in the nature. Flowers always convey different meaning at different time and occasion. All in all, they are the symbols of finer expression of feelings. They always please the senses for the beauty expressed. You remember “A thing beauty is a joy forever.”


It is a genus of flowering plants, the largest genus of the arum family, Araceae. General common names include anthurium, tail flower, flamingo flower, and lace leaf.


Anthurium – Photo Source: Wikipedia


Begonia is a genus of long lasting for years flowering plant.It has 1400 species and grown in tropical or subtropical regions of the world. It has sepals instead of petals of the flower. Can be planted indoor or outdoors. The summer version in a cooler climate of this kind has the bright colors.


   Begonia  – Photo Source: Wikipedia

Cactus :

It belongs to plant family Cactaceae. They are found in the dry regions and are always succulent in nature.
It is a plant with many kinds found in the arid parts of the world. Some variety has attractive colored flowers. They may be potted as decorative flowers


          Cactus :   Photo Source: Wikipedia

Daisy :

It belongs to Species called B. Perennis under Bellis as the Genus.
It is very useful flower grown in West, North and Central European areas. Its uses include eaten as a salad, her as tea or in a sandwich, soups or salads/ It is used as a tea and as vitamin supplements.

Daisy -Photo Source: Wikipedia


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