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It is a flowering plant belonging to Rubiaceae in the coffee family found mainly in Australasia, Southern Asia, Subtropical and tropical areas of Africa and Oceania.
It has most of the species (140 members), heavily scented. It is in both forms as trees and shrubs. The leaves are in regularly twisted frequently around branches or stem wherever grown. The flowers are mid-sized with petals measuring 5-13 cm in white or yellow colors. The leaves supporting are concentric having dark green or having leathering material.

The flower is popular for its potent smell and has an enormous size in some species. A few of them can be grown as a house plant ( Gardenia Jasminoides) requiring a real skill. The plant grows between during day time 20-23 C (68-74 F) and  in nights 15-16 c  (60 F) needing bright light ( not sunlight) and high humidity. Indoor, its size is restricted to the height of 18 inches, but outdoor it can attain the height of 6 feet.
In China the plant’s fruit is used for traditional medicine for cooling, calming and clearing effects and also as a natural yellow dye.
In France, the men use it as a boutonnière in their dress.
It is the national flower of Pakistan.
Crocetin as chemical is obtainable from fruit of this flower used in various treatments.

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Gardenia:Photo Credit : Wikipedia


Hibiscus species have 232 varieties. In its variety, it belongs to many countries as their national flower. It is prevalent in both annual and perennial kind as shrub and trees cover vast areas. The flower grows in warm temprate, tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

Here you will find some details of its symbolism and culture:
National flower:
Malaysia: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Haiti: Hibiscus
South Korea: Hibiscus syriacus.
India: Hindu Goddess Kali, and Lord Ganesha get them as offering in their worship
India: it is believed to cure baldness or stop the loss of hair.


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Photo Source_ Wikipedia

Philippines: Kids play with the Flower’s crushed juice and blow them as bubbles through hollow papaya stalks.
Tahiti: The flower indicates when worn behind the left ear that the girl is either married or engaged whereas when worn on the right ear show she is available for a relationship


Tahiti Girl with Hibiscus on left ear in relationship – Photo source: Wikipedia

There are other uses of this flowering plant as a fibre to make ropes, or flower used to attract the butterflies, bees & hummingbirds. Another species is used as a raw material for making paper.

Used In Beverage: Tea made using the flower is different names in different countries and especially in Arab countries because it gives color, flavor, and tanginess.
It is used as a condiment in many cultures because of its sour taste.


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