Happiness-2: Where is My Balloon ?

One hundred delegates were listening to a speaker in a seminar on” Human relationships and How to Find Happiness“. Suddenly, the speaker stopped and distributed balloons to all the delegates. He asked the participants to write their names on a balloon and drop it in a box. They were requested to shift to the  adjoining auditorium. Once settled, were told to find their balloons in the box, having their named balloons. There was chaos; 5 minutes went by, hardly anybody could find the balloon with their own written names. They were pushing each other and almost shouting for the help. The situation was not at all agreeable and pleasing to observe.

At this point, the speaker asked them to pick any balloon and announce the name to others, one at a time. They could find the right balloon, and all got their balloons within five minutes. All were satisfied, smiled, laughed and grinned in good spirits and felt contented.

The speaker drew their attention to what had just happened. He slowly explained that most people were looking around to find their balloon, without knowing where to find it. He explained them this is what is happening in life with people at large. He had demonstrated that their happiness lay in the happiness of others. All they needed to do was to help others and make them happy, this way they will find their happiness.

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He made them thoughtful and asked was it not what they were searching? Here is how to find happiness in life by making others’ lives enjoyable.


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